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MAR 26
Come See Us At ECCC 2014: Artist Alley I-05
By Brad Hodson
Come See Us At ECCC 2014: Artist Alley I-05
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MAR 25
ECCC 2014 Comic Preview: Shutter #2
By Brad Hodson
ECCC 2014 Comic Preview: Shutter #2
shutter, eccc 2014, emerald city comicon, eccc, shutter #2, ben lane hodson, mike hammons, comicon
Tron Legacy Print (11 x 17)
Go back to the grid with this Tron Legacy poster art print depicting a scene from Disney's Tron Legacy (2010). This Tron art print features Quorra and Sam in the virtual world.
Tales from Space T-Shirt
The ultimate Back to the Future in-joke. Darth Vadar from the Planet Vulcan came down and said if I didn't ask Loraine out, he'd melt my brain.
Shutter #1
When an obsessive inventor builds a camera that can actually take men's souls, this unusual device sets in motion events that could bring about a calamity of apocalyptic proportions. Shutter is a sweeping tale of the darkness that lay inside the soul of every man that went West.
Forced Away Print (11 x 17)
A mash-up of Star Wars and Spirited Away.
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