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MAR 17
Come See Us At ECCC 2015: Artist Alley I-03
By Brad Hodson
Come See Us At ECCC 2015: Artist Alley I-03
artist alley, eccc 2015, eccc, emerald city comicon, seattle, irvin kirshner, jack burton adventures, shutter, bukeey, 8-bit, blood & glory, comics, shirts
God of the Ewoks Print (11 x 17)
A mash-up of Star Wars with The Castle in the Sky.
Shutter #2
Robert makes his way to Colorado but he boards a train that is more likely bound for Hell.
Lightning Print (11 x 17)
One of the "Three Storms" from Big Trouble in Little China, this 11x17 print of Lightning captures him at his most sinister.
Blood & Glory #2
As World War II drags on, Germany prepares for an Allied attack while Hegland finds out what he has truly become.
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